Every once in a while (off course this is such a moment) the PXE boot or preboot policy part of the ZFD server stops working.

Server is OES2 SP1 woth ZFD 7.01.

The client boots, gets an IP address from the PXY server. Then it stops with the message "sending queries to (ipaddress of the server)". Sometimes it gets to "Contacting Novell Preboot Policy Service". Even thoug CTRL-ALT is pressed, the ZEN Menu does not load.

Networktraces and logfiles show that the requests are reaching the ZFD server, but it just doesn't process them as it seems. Stopping and starting the ZEN services does not help.

If necessary I can post novell-zmgprebootpolicy.log and novell-proxydhcp.log with a session from a single PC.