Yesterday we updated to 10.2.2. Today I try te add a new user as administrator to zcm an I get the following error:
"Cannot create the administrator for the following reasons:
ErrorAdministrator(s) name already exists or see the log file for error."

This administrator doesn't exist in ZCM yet. He is a user and has logged in to a workstation, but if I try a user tat has not yet logged in to a workstatio with ZCM agent I get the same error. The only message in the log file is about certificates:

[DEBUG] [01/06/2010 20:43:27.543] [2639] [ZenLinuxDaemon] [12] [] [CertManager.AddCertificates] [] [Adding cert: 9af05e1924190e4c36
bc04a9f9c4ce0c for hosts: <hostname>, <ip-address>] [] []