We have a problem that the Groupwise client is very slow on computers
outside the firewall (BM38SP2) Webaccess is very fast. When we browsing to
folders in the client it will take two or three minuts to have a reaction
from the server. In webaccess (also outside) it goes very fast. Inside the
firewall, browsing to folders is also slow but we can life with that. The
biggest problem is that the client is outside the firewall very slow. We
have a special GroupWise server, a Compaq ML530 with 2GB memory. The
systemsoftware is NW65SP2 and GW65SP2.
I did open the ports in in filtcfg. We use different ports than standaard
for the client. We use ports 1680 and 1681 for students and employees.

What can be wrong ?