Just in case anyone else stumbles across similar problems:

Had my SBE2.5 server fully patched up to OES2SP2/SLES10SP3, only eDir, NSS and iManager installed. Everything was running smooth, so i begun to add other components. Started with DNS, filled out the form with machine name, ip and forwarder (another DNS-server in my LAN). Installation went without error but DNS didn-t work.

Problem 1: Couldn-t even resolve my own address thru DNS
/var/log/messages showed something about a file that the named-daemon couldn-t create, so i checked "var/lib/named", ownership was root/root.
NAMED starts with user "named" and gets chroot'ed in /var/lib/named ergo permission problem. Changed owner of the directory to "named", problem solved

Problem 2: No forwarded addresses get resolved
Installation thru simba had put my forwarder-ip in a file named "forwarders.conf" in /etc/named.d. Just the forwarder directive, nothing else.
This file didn-t get included into the main configuration file (/etc/named.conf"), so i-ve added an option section and an include directive in named.conf, restarted named and now everything works.