I have a Netware 6 server SP5 and installed BM 3.7 on it with SP3.
I have 2 network boards both 3 com.
After running BRDCFG I have the following filter exeptions:
from public to any: from any to public:
dns/tcp-st ipx/tcp-st
dns/udp-st pop3-st
ftp-port-pasv-st smtp-st
ipx-/tcp-st VPN-authGW-st
nntp-st VPN-keepalive-st
pop3-st VPN-skip-st
realaudio-st VPtunnel-st
www .http-st
www .https-st

As far as I know this is not what it should be but the other way round.
I changed filter exeptions but I can't send or receive mail on my
workstation (using outlook)
I tried several things including making rules in NWADMIN32. Since than BM
reacts really slow and starting NWADMIN32 takes also forever.
I use http proxy and when I want to browse on the internet it happens often
that the page doesn't load completely. I need to hit refresh one or two
btw I use the 4.9 sp2 client and VPN works also after changing the filter
exeptions for vpn to "from public to any".
Any idea what went wrong?

Wim Slag