I am trying to update our NDPS printers to iPrint printers and make sure they all have drivers to prepare to move them to an OES Linux server. For the most part it's going smoothly, but my predecessor in this position named some of the printers with an ampersand character (i.e., "Printer in X&Y corridor"). When trying to install them through iPrint, it fails with the following error:

ErrorCode: 1030

Error message: iPrint Client - the given URL cannot be found.

Error group: iPrint client
Error code: 1030

Printers that don't have the & character in their name all work fine, and since it's a non-standard character it seems an open and shut case that this is the problem. However, I want to have the iPrint client update the print drivers from NDPS to iPrint automatically for end users and obviously those who use these printers are going to have issues. Any tips for how I can rename without having to just create a new print driver and then help everyone who uses one of the old ones update their systems? (Happy to create a new one if there's a "behind the scenes" way for me to update it for them....)

thanks in advance!