If I set a filtering rule as this as shown below:

I can access a certain website without IE using a proxy server.

If I remove this filter, and force IE to use a proxy server and also take
down IPFLT,
I can not access the specific website all the way thru (Cognos Web).

It appears that it does not like proxy servers.

Any idea why this filter listed below seems to work?

Define Exception

Source Interface Type: Interface

Source Interface: <All Interfaces>

Source Circuit:

Destination Interface Type: Interface

Destination Interface: <All Interfaces>

Destination Circuit:

Packet Type: <ANY> Protocol: IP

Src Port(s): Dest Port(s):

ACK Bit Filtering: Stateful Filtering: Disabled

Src Addr Type: Any Address

Src IP Address:

Dest Addr Type: Any Address

Dest IP Address:

Logging: Disabled