I have a corporate LAN consisting of two network
(, that access Internet services via
the BM proxy.

I have a third network, that for various reasons
needs to be in its own tree, however, I want this LAN to be
able to use the proxy on the corporate LAN to access
INternet services.

By using TREE in their login scripts and mapping to a drive
on the proxy I am able to get them authenticated and run

They are now able to browse the Internet, no problem.
However, they are unable to do FTP, POP3, NNTP ...

I have verified this is a packet filter issue, because these
services all work if I turn it off at the proxy.

Since the interface for the secondary LAN does not appear in
the IF list in INETCFG on the proxy, I tried using the
public interface, then substituting "All interfaces" and
specifying the network number for the private side. But this
doesn't work.

Can anybody suggest to me how I should set up these packet
filters? It seems to me that what I did above should work,
but I don't claim to be an expert! <g>

What am I missing?