I have been struggling with hundreds and hundreds of message I get daily from ZCM. We are on ZCM 10.2.2. Before Christmas break the patches I put on made the errors almost all go away. But after we came back from break, they started up again on Monday morning. Today alone I have over 100 errors like this:

Device Alias: MCLAB05
Device IP Addresses:,
Error: [1/7/10 8:53:48 AM] BundleManager b5f0472d218041c8bec7459ea886ac75 b5f0472d218041c8bec7459ea886ac75{0;BUNDLE.CouldNot ParseBitmap;System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid.
at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Stream stream)
at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.OverLayAnd GrayBytes(Byte[] iconbytes)}

I found TIDs like 3204129 but they all say it is fixed in the version I am on.

Everything is working, so are they just cosmetic errors? How can I tell what bundle is causing the problem? I did migrate many of these over and I have read that the migration might be the problem. Do I need to delete each bundle and re-create them?

Thanks for the help!