This thread actually relates to 2 other threads that's been around,

1. "Unable to connect through IP Address or Host Name"


2. Un-installing NW-client and re-installing NWclient on Windows 7
AFTER Zenworks agent speeds up login time A LOT.

Problem with the the second one has just been discovered;

IF you uninstall the NwClient on Win7 after zenagent has been
installed, yes, the delay between logged in to netware and actually
getting in to the machine is cut to maybe 10-20% of the normal time.

BUT, sorry to say, adding the nwclient AFTER zenagent seems to create
the issue in no# 1 above.

So, 2 choices;
1. Zenagent without errors ( well, without this error) but slow login
2. Fast login but errors with the ZenAgent.

We're continuing to test on the site we're rolling out new machines at
right now, hopefully we can verify or find a workaround..