Hi folks! Long time no talk. I've got what should be a simple, basic type of question. Unfortunately it's been so long since I've had to do anything with our NetWare servers that I'm not 100% positive of the procedure so I figured I'd come to the real experts and ask. Here's the deal;

We've got a NetWare 6.0 SP5 server (actually we have 8 but this question involves only one). When I originally built it I built it completely on a SAN including the boot partition and SYS volume. Due to space constrictions on the SAN we migrated the user data to local storage about 3 years ago. Moving the user volumes was relatively easy, create a new volume, copy the data over, restore rights, change names, and voila! The data is moved. Because of the complexity and the fact that this particular server was supposed to have been decommissioned within a year of that maintenance, we never bothered to move the boot partition and SYS volume. The SAN that the server is attached to is now EOL and needs to be decommissioned but the server itself has never been decommissioned. We've now got to move both the boot partition and the SYS volume. Moving the boot partition is easy and I'm not worried about that. Moving the SYS volume is where I want to make sure I've got the procedure down pat. Here's what I'm planning on doing.

1) Create new volume called SYS1 (for example)
2) Copy all the files from the existing SYS to the new SYS1 volume
3) Make a connection to the server from a workstation
4) Take the option in NWCONFIG to prepare the server for a hardware upgrade (backs up the eDirectory files as best I recall)
5) From the workstation mentioned in step 3 copy the backed up eDirectory files to the new SYS1 volume (Can I save the backed up files to the new SYS1 volume from the NWCONFIG utility?)
6) Rename the existing SYS volume to SYS_OLD
7) Rename the new SYS1 volume to SYS
8) Take the option in NWCONFIG to restore eDirectory after a hardware upgrade
9) Take a chill pill and go home for some much needed R&R

Does that about sum up the procedure to follow? Will I need to re-install licenses on the server? Anything else I should think of? Thanks!

Terry Rodecker (aka Mr Stupid, aka Mr Stupid)