We have upgraded 2 nodes (Of our 4 nodes) OESv2SP1 to OESv2SP2 (SLES10
SP3) and when browsing with BEX interface CPU on the 2 (Upgraded)
servers mount to 100 % while running smdrd.
Presently I'm running a mixed cluster OESv2SP1/OESv2SP2 but I'm worried about upgrading the other two servers if I no longer have backups
I saw the thread about a possible problem with timesunc but everything seems to be fine

here is the reply from Syncsort

Smdrd is not a Backup Express module, it is Novell module. We do call
it to browse the volumes, but from the top command you sent I do not see
any Backup Express modules using CPU at the time. I believe you will
need to contact Novell to see if they have any insight into this issue.
It looks like the upgrade to SP2 has precipitated this problem.

Any help would be welcome