I have configuring the Novell Linux Desktop at a site with NW6.5 sp2 BM3.8

Novell Linix Desktop is very polished, by the way.

I am trying to install components through the Red Carpet program.

I can search the RedCarpet Servers in Utah, i can choose a component, but
when i tell it to Get it, i get an error:

Download Failed,
Can't Connect.

I suspect something on the NW Server is preventing this because:
if i connect the Novell Linux Desktop to an outside Internet Connection,
then everything works swell.

I unloaded the filters: unload ipflt, unload ipxflt
but it doesnt help.

(i also noticed that AOL can't connect when im behind the NW Server as
well. I dont really care, but maybe its a clue to my Red Carpet issue)

I dont really know which Forum to ask, so here i am = ]

I did the set filter debug thingy, it is here:

Could anyone have compassion for a Novell Linux Desktop Newbie?