NW 6.5 SP2
BM 3.8 SP3
eDir (DS 10551.29)


New filters added in FILTCFG becomes invisible and corrupt.
Old existing filters are still visible and works ok.

When adding new filters via FILTCFG, these new filters are NOT added in the
filter exception list.
After saving a new filter in FILCFG, nothing seems to happen, and the newly
added filter does
not appear in the filter exception list.
The problem applies to all filter types, and to all interfaces (boards).

But when checking the NBMRuleContainer in eDirectory (via C1),
these new filters are all represented there!
Unfortenately such filters are erroneous - they do not work,
and they are as said invisible in FILTCFG (which created them)...

The BM server resides alone in it's own partition, an is the master replica
I have deleted all these corrupt filter objects in the NBMRuleContainer,
and ran a full DSrepair.
No improvement.
Server boot does not help either.

What is wrong here?
How can I revive filter creation in FILTCG?


A whish to Santa:
I whish I could get iManager to work.
Maybe I could have handled these filters there.

But I have given up on iManager, especially on the BM servers.
For the time beeing I have 15 Novell servers, and maybe (if I'm lucky)
I can manage to launch iManager on 1-3 of them.
But if I restart one of these servers iManager is usually lost there too.

Then, after some hours of manually hacking on NLDAP, Java, Tomcat and
I might get one iManager server to work for a launch or two
(the wrong server of course - missing the right plugins).
But so, after a launch or two, iManager gets lost again (sometimes for ever
it seems)!
The servers listens ok on all the appropriate ports
bot no iManager ever starts (Server error 500)!

So when admin functionality are ported over to iManager,
I no longer have any tool to administer by...!
God how I whish that Novell had done something about this!!!
What am I to do on that terrible day when Nwadmin and C1 no longer applies?