can someone explain this to me. We currently have 9 school districts running both zen 7 and zcm. each school functions pretty much by itself.
if i bring all schools to zcm, and i want to control all from one central server, does this mean that is only 1 zone? Do i put a primary server in each site? By putting a primary server in and connecting it to my main zone, does that mean that is its own zone?
I guess what i was expecting it that i can have 9 zones that all answer to my primary zone. From that point i can control all settings to each zone? But each zone only controls its local school.
I do need imaging, remote desktop and inventory in each place. So my guess is that i would not want to use satilite servers?
I am taking the zcm advanced class next month but wanted to try and clear this up before then.
Also how do you create a "new zone"? Is this just a fresh install of zcm on a new server? Or in zcc can i create a new zone somewhere that i am missing?