have anyone OES2SP2 64bit with HP Dataprotector 6.0 running?

Today i going on with my Implantation for a OES2SP2 3 Node Cluster and
test Backup and Restore, that would fail.


When i run a Backup and Restore at the same Clusternode, everything run

But when i run a Backup from a Volume at NODE1, move the Resource after
the Backupjob to NODE2 and start a Restore, then the Restore Begin, and
after a short Time NODE2 freeze and fail out from the Cluster.

- After that i can Ping NODE2, but nothing else.
- No Keyboard, No Mouse show a reaction.
- only Hard Reset bring the Server back!
- /var/log/message show nothing useful

This seems only happen at a Restorejob.
So, any hints where to start debugging?

- Kernel?
- SAN?