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Thread: edir sync not working right

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    edir sync not working right

    We've had eDir sync working fine for years (well working fine meaning it occasionally stops working for no apparent reason).

    I've got a PO that was migrated to OES2 SP1 Linux from NetWare 6.5.7

    The edir sync is enable, MTA sync is enabled, it has eDir access, everything shows enabled and "yes"

    MTA sync schedule is still there and set to run at 2:00 a.m.

    But I don't see anything obvious in the MTA logs (verbose logging) where it SHOULD be updating the phone # for a particular user. eDir shows the correct information, groupwise does not.

    I can manually sync the user, but I'd prefer to figure out what's going on.

    I'm not sure if the move to Linux "messed" things up or if I have to change things.

    I DID "re-setup" the edir sync and on Linux you have to enter the LDAP information, so I did that (I don't know if it magically gets the settings from NetWare and behaves accordingly if you migrate it, but I set it up again just in case).

    Yes, the server has a R/W replica of the user object in question.

    Oh, this is version 8.0.1 of groupwise on OES2 SP1 Linux on NSS.
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