One user complaint was that her emails would not populate in her mailbox. Refreshing or logging back into her account would show these emails. Notify would acknowledge and allow her to see the email. I uninstalled and reinstalled GW8 without problem. I did a test to verify that the emails were being accounted for and they were..... but here lies the problem....

When I or anyone else sends an email to her, it shows up on the opposite end of where it should be. For instance, her emails are sorted by date (ascending). All the emails she had prior to the reinstall were ordered correctly. And new emails would appear at the top of list instead of the bottom. When the emails are sorted by date (decending), the new emails appear at the bottom of the list instead of the top.

She can sort by name then back to date and they would appear in normal order. This is the second instance of this problem I have seen. I just do not have an answer.

Has anyone seen any issues like this before?