I have a secondary domain for webaccess 8.01 with gwinter patch. The agent runs on netware 6.5sp6 and I have the application running on sles10sp2.

Directly after the upgrade, I could log into webaccess but the icons, logos, images weren't there. Things took turn for worse, and now I am at a point where my webaccess agent does not stay loaded. However the login screen now show the novell icons, logos, images. etc.

I have reinstalled the webaccess agent (and application). But have installed over the top of what is there. I also renamed comint.cfg and commgr.cfg and generated new.

I have this running in a two node cluster (if it matters). I saw some older log files in webaclog directory, but nothing pertaining to my new problem as the date stamps are pre-upgrade.

The logger screen says modules loaded but doesn't give me clues as to why it shut down. So I am pretty much at a dead end with my knowledge.


Stacie White