It seems I have a bit of a unique network setup because I can't find any other forum posts that pertain to my exact situation.

We have a Cisco Cat. 6509 that does all our VLAN routing and our DHCP. Zenworks Configuration Management 10.2.2 is running on SLES 10 SP3 w/ OES2 SP2 64 bit on VMware vSphere 4.0 setup with a SAN. The VMware host IPs are on VLAN 10 with trunking set up on the interface because the VM servers are on VLAN 18. I have multiple servers setup up this way and connectivity is working fine, I can also bring up the ZEN Control Center. I have the helper-address set on the VLAN I'm trying to PXE (VLAN 12), it is configured with (ZCM server). If I put in option 66 and 67 on the dhcp pool on the Cisco, I can PXE my machine, but I get a problem with the imaging server address coming up as I found TID 7004082 which tells me option 66/67 are not supported with ZCM 10. If I remove these options, PXE tells me no boot file specified. When I search for this, I'm told to turn on option 66/67. All services are running as it does PXE (kinda) with the options turned on. I followed the ZCM installation manual, but would never assume I didn't miss something. I have set ip forward-protocol 67/68 on the 6509.