Were running NDPS on NW6sp5 server about to be retired.
Now implementing iPrint on OES2sp1 on SLES10sp2.
Old printers were not migrated.
Created new iPrint system from scratch for 34 printers and about 300

Mission critical clinical information system will not print to very long
printer names.
Visual printer name is iECS-4300dtn on ipp://printxxx.xxxx.xx.xx
Actual printer name is \\ipp://printxxx.xxxx.xx.xx\iECS-4300dtn

We have found in the past that the printer name length limit for this
application is about 34 characters.
With NDPS printing the name was ECS_Laser.printers.xxxxxx.xxxx on xxxx
This name worked and the last part of "on xxxx" did not seem to count.

I think I can get around this by printing to a queue, however, how do I
create a queue on the new server? We have not used queues in several years.

How can I automate the workstation setup?

Any other suggestions?

Upgrading the application does not count! We are looking for a potential
replacement, but the high cost is a problem when you're a non-profit.