Good Morning, and Happy Holidays to you all,

I have a question regarding MSN Messenger port filtering through BorderManager? I have to allow this through our fiters, and I would like to know do I need to use a stateful filter (as I do for Yahoo), or is there something else that needs to be opened.

Here is what I currently have in place

MSN Mess ST Private Public
Any Address Any Address
Source port All Destination port 1863
Stateful filtering Enabled TCP

Thank you for any help that you can offer(as I side note I did set this up according to Craig's book). Also I have been using BM service pack 3, and I like several of the features. However I have been having trouble setting up a filter that uses the "ALL Address", I can see the Private and the Public card but nothing for the All Address's option? Just wondering if anyone else has(had) any issues with that. Also Would anyone know if in this service pack(3), that they have the VPN issues finally resolved, and is it working with less hassles then before(or is that still a pipe dream). Thank you again, and have a very wonderful Holiday season,