Hi All

I have a large PO already in the place we need it on the SAN without
sufficient room to make a non SATA copy of it. We'd like to just
dismount the volume from the old NetWare box, mount it onto a newly
built OES2/SLES box, and create the new agents manually.

The catch of course is the whole case issue. I know how to make sure
all the files are lower case, but my worry is that there are still
references within some of the databases that may be upper case. Is
this a real worry and if so how can I manage that, or does this plan
sounds reasonable and some of you have already done so?

New capital costs are out, we barely got a pair of new servers to start
migrating off of old Dell 2650's and new SAN space is just plain out of
the question for a while.

Andy Konecny
KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto

"Give more than others think is wise
Challenge yourself beyond what others think is right"
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