I have three locations running Border Manager 3.7 on Netware 6 SP5 and
would like to open up some communication between the 3. T-1 Lines run from
Locations 2 and 3 to Location 1 and the routers are communicating fine. If
I use static IP addresses on workstations in each location, they can ping
eachother, but with the automatically assigned / translated numbers I get
nothing. I have been playing with the filters, but so far have not had any
success getting through.

I am not interested in merging the three trees together at this time, but
would like to be able to access a MS 2003 server at location 1 from both
locations 2 & 3.

For example (using bogus IP addresses):

Loc 1 Public IP of BM Server =
Loc 1 Private IP of BM Server =

Loc 2 Public =
Loc 2 Private =

Loc 3 Public =
Loc 3 Private =

How can I set up filtering to allow traffic in between these three sites?

Any suggestions would help immensely and be much appreciated!