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From: "Pieter Zijlstra" <>
Subject: XanaNews released
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 23:41:07 +0100
Message-ID: <>

New version is available at:

Binary Download:

Source Download:

If you're upgrading from an old XN version you may need to update your

For certain server errors it will no longer continuously attempt
to post the same article over and over. This is indicated in
the Queued Requests pane by a red stop mark (thread is paused).
If this happens verify if the post already made it to the server.
If it did cancel the post request, in case it didn't, use the
(un)pause function from the context menu and post it again.

On Vista it defaults to using the Vista explorer theme to draw the
trees. If you don't like this, turn it off ;-)

See Tools-> Options -> Program Settings -> Use Vista Explore Theme.

Just for those upgrading from a version older than and
have the feeling that it isn't very clear if a thread contains
unread messages...

See Tools -> Options -> Message Tree
- Uncheck the option "Hide Folder Icons".

.... to get the folder icons back.

Revision log:

Changes in v1.19.1.269

Chg: Different way of handling text/plain attachments. This also enables
saving them.
Fix: Display of the registered user and organization in the about box.
Imp: Made TrimReferences compliant to RFC5537.
Fix: Displaying of "highlighted" characters in signatures.
Fix: Check on existing "new" newsgroups.
Imp: Header, Q-encoded words.
Fix: The previous (screwed up) implementation of the new GetLineCount
could/will cause AVs!
Upd: Indy 10.5.7 rev 3940
Fix: When a header contained multi-byte-characters the Q-encoding could
split such a character in multiple encoded words. This is not
allowed according to RFC2047 (and some newsreaders were not able to
handle it). Note: only fixed for UTF8.
Fix: Character formatting (highlighting) of text in the message pane.
Imp: Replaced GMTToLocalDateTime with RawGMTToLocalDateTime
which uses a global gOffsetFromUTC instead of the Indy
library function OffsetFromUTC. This is done because
GetTimeZoneInformation used by OffsetFromUTC is very
slow on D2010.
New: NNTPX.GetServerDateTime; (not used yet).
Upd: VirtualTreeview 5.0.0 revision 240
Fix: When asking for NEWGROUPS, the command did not take the
local UTC time-offset in to account.
Fix: Multiple MIME related fixes
Fix: When the log file was in use it would interrupt the "Move
Messagebase" function. The log file is now closed before
moving all files from the Messagebase to the new location.
Imp: Added defines to the dpr file to reduce the size of the
executable (thanks to Fikret Hasovic).
New: Added displaying of icons attached to posts.
Imp: Determine the amounts of Lines and Bytes in case the news
server does not provide this information.
Imp: Handling of a corrupted articles.dat file!
Fix: Generating References header (before there was a space
too much at the first reply)
New: Logging of TCP/IP traffic (only when Tools->Test->Logging is on).
Fix: Handling off extra headers as received as a result of the
XOVER command.
Imp: When marking a message as unread the "auto mark as read
after x seconds" mechanism is temporary switched off for
that specific article.
Fix: Prevent the post message form from being closed when there
are still (owned) dialogs open.
Fix: Added exception handling when disconnecting while handling
an exception. This should also stop the "Socket Error # 10053
Software caused connection abort." exception when TCP/IP
connection is wonky.
Fix: Thread-safety of email request list.
Fix: When an unsent email was saved at shutdown and then restored
at program startup the attachments property was set to nil
(when there actually were no attachments), email sending
thread did not take this in to account and it lead to an AV.
Fix: SSL/TLS usage when sending email by using an gmail account.
Fix: Layout of reply by mail form and minor changes in post frame/form.
Chg: About Box to include link to Leonel's website.
Fix: About Box report of physical available memory.
Fix: The MIME Content-Disposition header was not parsed correctly.
Imp: Handle ENTER key in the editbox of the "search toolbar".
Fix: Removed redundant left-hand side characters of QuoteLineMarker.
New: Options to change the font settings of elements of the main form.
Imp: Caption of the subscribed groups when docked.
Fix: StartEverything caused an exception when used for a second
time (for instance after Move MessageBase).
Fix: Corrected the Z-order of FileOpen (attachments) and Group
selection dialogs in PostMessageForm.
New: Added %newline% macro in Quoting Settings.
New: Added ISpell language selection in posting window.
New: Option to mark a complete thread as Ignore/Unignore (Shift+Ctrl+O).
Imp: When posting a message fails, caused by a server fault, the
posting thread will be paused to prevent duplicate posts to
end up on the server.
Chg: Added more logging (some of it is only available when
enabling Tools->Test->Logging).
New: double-clicking on a queued post activates the post edit
window on it.
Fix: Combine and Decode dialog did not show the correct filename
when it concerned a post with MIME headers and no multiparts.
Imp: Allow long lines to prevent the "Max linelength exceeded"
exception caused by crappy MSOE.
Fix: Modified shortcut keys were not saved until the program
was closed.
Fix: Restore tray icon when explorer restarts.
Fix: Handling of Font enumerations (D2009).
Fix: When temporary enabling fixed fonts in the message pane
and then closing XanaNews, it did store the fixed font
in the settings.
Fix: Processing of Face headers.
Chg: Newsgroup statistics, switched back to not displaying
<not specified>, instead it will fall-back to the next
"most used reader" if there is any, if there isn't, it
will just stay blank/empty.
Fix: (Only) Default to Vista's Explorer Theme when on Windows
Vista or above.
New: The alternating background color of the message tree is
now a setting.
New: Newsgroups Statistics recognizes Jive Web Forum and the
Posters view will show all newsreaders used in a InfoTip.
Imp: Added X-HTTP-UserAgent, X-Mailer and X-Newsposter headers
to identify newsreader for newsgroups statistics.
Imp: In newsgroups statistics, the last reader used (per poster)
is changed to most used reader.
Fix: Added more characters to specialChars which are not allowed
for a NodeName in an XML-file.
Fix: In case a from name contained non-ASCII characters, it was
incorrectly handled and a CRLF ended up between the name and
email address in the from-header. This again resulted that
posts were rejected by news servers.

Changes in v1.19.1.194 and earlier versions,


"The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity,
not to create it." -- Dr. Pamela Zave

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