I am rather new to BorderManager, and after recently relocating some T-1
lines I need to establish some communication between my sites to form a
WAN. I do not want to open the doors completely at this time, but would
like to allow for some basic communication. In the future, I would like
to open up the lines further and merge my two trees together, but for
now, I just want to be able to map some drives and share some data.

I want to be as specific as I can without adding confusion to my original
question so I am going to try and restate it here under a new thread, and
limit myself just two locations instead of three at this time. Hopefully
this will help anyone understand just what it is I am trying to
accomplish. The IPs in the below scenario are phony, just used as
example. The routers at each location are open and allow traffic both

I have two buildings linked via a T-1 line. We'll call building A Chicago
and building B Green Bay.

Chicago's Router IP address is
Chicago's Border Public IP is
Chicago's Border Private IP is
Chicago has a secondary IP of that translates to
Chicago's Win2003 Private IP of

Green Bay's Router IP address is
Green Bay's Border Public IP is
Green Bay's Border Private IP is

I would like to have all workstations in Green Bay to be able to map
drives to the Chicago Win2003 server.

As I understand it, I will need Filter exceptions in both Green Bay and
Chicago. What I do not know is what type of traffic do I allow through
(TCP? Port #? etc?) and which addresses do I use for the source and
destination addresses. Do I use the Border Manager Public address as that
is where all the incoming traffic will originate from? Or do I use the
Router Address? Do I need to add the exception as a host or network?

I have created filter exceptions in Chicago, but cannot so much as ping
Chicago's router from anything behind BM let alone getting all the way to
Green Bay.

I hope this is more specific, I don't know what more information I can
give you.

Please help me and Thanks in advance, I do appreciate all your help!