Is there a way to manually trigger the agent update? I've recently upgraded my system from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2 and 90%+ of my system have upgraded without any problems. I found that due to duplicate GUIDs from imaging, a couple of my systems weren't in my Workstation list but were somehow being managed by ZCM. I went through the process of unregistering and resetting the GUID, and once the system restarts it appears in the list and under the Pending devices, but whatever I do I can't get the update to install.

I have found the "Remove C:\Windows\novell" solution and the "Uninstall/Reinstall" solution, but it seems that if the workstation is currently in the queue to have the update installed there should be a way to trigger the update. I've refreshed, restarted, re-most anything you could think of to trigger this with no success. Part of my remaining systems are laptops which I'll have limited access to so am hoping to get a solution rather than wait a random amount of time for the update to deploy.