I am trying to migrate applucations from ZEN7 to ZCM, but on a number of applications I get errors. Mostly something like:

Error Migrating cn=New Shortcut - OpenOffice Calc,ou=ZEN,o=ABC to /~bundles~/APPS/New Shortcut - OpenOffice Calc
Exception Thrown Array cannot be null.
Parameter name: bytes in Migrate
Stack Trace: at System.Text.Encoding.GetString(Byte[] bytes)
at Apps.Plugin.Migrate(MigrationInfoStruct myMigrationInfoStruct)
Aborting Migration Task
Migration failed for cn=New Shortcut - OpenOffice Calc,ou=ZEN,o=ABC

It is a really simple application. It is just a shortcut to the file on HD, no install of anything, no registry changes etc.
The strange thing is that if I recreate the shortcut from scratch it will migrate correctly. I have debugged LDAP, but I cannot see any diffrence between the failing ones and the correct ones.
The only thing we can think about is that the ones failing might have been created in the ZenWorks 3.2 era and this was later upgraded to ZenWorks 7.

I am at 10.2.2 on SLES11

Any ideas?