We have Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0 SP3. I have many different devices that sync using Windows Mobile 6.1. We have a user that just got an HTC Imagio that has Windows Mobile 6.5. We installed the Intellisync Client but Notes does not appear as an option in the client but does exist locally on the phone. This particular user is going from a Palm that had over 400 notes (he is a Physician and this is quite important to him) to the Imagio SmartPhone that I cannot get is Notes on for him. I have them in GroupWise and they are syncing to the mobile website but the Notes option is not there in the client on the phone.

Does anyone else sync to a Windows Mobile 6.5 device and do they see the Notes option? I'm just wondering if it is this particular device or the new OS. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

It is getting harder and harder to support these new devices with old software and no option to upgrade. We have users every week asking us which smartphone to purchase and I have no clue which ones will work and not work....very frustrating. Can't wait to see what the ActiveSync option will look like.