I'm running a NW65SP8 server in a multi server tree (attached the config.txt
configuration report). Originaly Netware 5.1SP8 on HP Proliant DL380G4, in
place upgrade to NW65SP8, virtualized to ESX 3.5 VI on a HDS SAN and
migrated TFS to NSS. Since it was NW51SP8, I noticed high CPU usage on the
server. Not constantly, and during the high CPU peaks performance stays ok
and we don't have any problems with this server. Server was and is very
stable. This problem (if it actually is a problem) remained the same during
the upgrade path. None of my other servers in the tree show the same

When I have a look at the busiest threads during high CPU, it's the
server.nlm, server 00:xx thread. After that, I'm stuck, because I don't know
how to analyse it any further. My gut feeling tells me it's related to disk
access or network load. When the daily backup runs (using backup exec RANW),
the CPU remains constantly between 95-100%. But even than, no performace or
any other problems.

Enabling or disabling SAVCE doens't make any difference (first thing I did).

So my question, is anything wrong or misconfigured on my server?

Thanks for any insights!