A weird occurence is happening that I hope somebody can help with. We have several employees who access our network via Cisco VPN. We are running in to an issue where the employee connects with VPN, right clicks on the Novell icon in the system tray and trys to login to map drives. When they try to log in, they get the tree or server cannot be found error. This is not happening to everybody. There are several people who are able to log in just fine.

The weird thing is that the people experiencing the error can map their drives manually. Any server or router can be pinged. iManager can be logged in to via the web (even though it requires a login id, password and tree).

Update: I had earlier posted this on the eDirectory forum. I received a response to check the SLP settings in the client settings. I took a laptop that connects just fine and matched every client configuration setting to my laptop. I took both laptops to an external wireless network. My laptop received the tree could not be found error, while the other laptop logged in correctly.

Any ideas?