I'm kicking around upgrading/migrating to GW8SP1.

Current Configuration:
Two two node NW 6.5 clusters, one cluster that runs the primary domain, training po, and primary post office; and the one cluster that runs two secondary domains along with Webaccess and GWIA.

My plan is an inplace upgrade my primary Domain, training po and Primary Post Office to GW8SP1. The secondary domains along with Webaccess and GWIA I would leave at GW7SP1 and recreate on SLES.

I don't plan on keeping the clusters. The advantage I have is all services have their own IP. Has anyone used secondary IP addresses on SLES, and do you think GroupWise would work with secondary IP addresses on SLES?

Has there been any new benchmarks with NSS VS EXT3 with the nodir and noatime switches? Attaching an NSS volume to an OES server may be easier than going SLES and EXT3 and I'm very comfortable with NSS.

Do you see a problem not upgrading the secondary along with Webaccess and gwia right away?

I don't plan on pushing the client right away and issues?

Any issues with GW Mobile and BES?