When you set a rule to delegate all incoming appointments, as such...

When Event is: Received
If conditions are: Item Types: Appointment
Appointment conflict exists: Does not matter(Yes or No)
Then actions are: Delegate To: LCHS-LabUsage

the first appointment of any recurring appointment delegated shows the start and end time to be the same. It only occurs on recurring appointments and only effects the first time of that recurring appointment. All other days of the recurring appointment show properly. It is only the first appointment in the recurring appointments that is affected. Also if you delegate the recurring appointment manually, this does not happen. It does not affect the account that the appointment was delegated from, only the account it was delegated too. So it looks fine for the user who's account it was delegated from. But there is clearly and problem on the account it was delegated too.

It is not due to other rules affecting it, as I tried it with only this rule enabled and the problem still occurred. It is also not based on any specific account because I tried it from multiple accounts.

Anybody know a way to fix this? I looks like a software bug to me, but hopefully it's more simple.

Let me know if you need more details.