german windows
german groupwise 8.01

Configure your mailbox to shoe items with group-sorting, sorted by date,
newest at bottom of list

As a result you'll have the newest mails at bottom and a separator line
for every date.

Now send a reoccuring date to this account, so the newest item is this
unacknowledged date in your mailbox, with a plus sign.

Do not open or ack this date!

Send one or mails to this account.

You'll see flickerng the groupwise screen but do not see any new mails
at the bottom......

Scroll upwards in you mailbox, up to the top.

Here you'll see a line for the actual day (which is absolutely wrong,
because it have to be at the bottom) and the new received mail(s)
underneath this.

This is absolutely a bug.

Now ack the date, close and reopen Groupwise Client the new mails will
be shown in the correct position at the bottom.