In reference to the RTSP message below....

We have users that are getting Radio stations coming in through BM 3.7
which we do not want to allow. I am running Etherpeek NX to monitor the
traffic on the FW server and I never see any type of RTSP streaming in. I
have found that if I allow Internet Explorer to have access to the Internet
and type in in the browser it brings up
Windows Media Player and we are connected to the Internet.

When I disable IE from accessing the Internet and use FireFox, my preferred
browser, I can not get connected.

So this leaves me to believe that the traffic is dependent on IE and since
I see no traffic other than HTTP that the service is encapsulated in HTTP.

When I ping I get back "Pinging"
Reply from Destination Host Unreachable....

I built 2 rules in BM to not allow these 2 IPs, but the music still gets in.

How can we block this service?