ZCM 10.2.2 (on W2K3)
WinXP SP3 (German)
Usersource: eDir on NW6.5

DLU policy:
"User Source Credentials", "Volatile User"=On, "Manage existing user account (if any)"=On

ZCM Debug Log shows on user Logout:
<ns1:DLUSettings manageExistingUser="true" useAuthoritativeSource="true" volatileUser="true">
<Group customGroup="false" name="Users" selected="true" />


User and User Profil will not get deleted on User Logout.

After setting:
=> DWORD: DeleteRoamingCache = 1 (Thanks Bernhard Muehlbauer )
the User Profil will get deleted.

The User account will still exist and will not be removed!
The User can Logon to the workstation localy (but he will get a profile with the name "TEMP").

How can I get rid of the DLU User Account on User Logout?

Regards - Frank