I have this user that has an unique problem I have never seen before. Their mailbox has been checked and is fine, the client options were reset to defaults and the problem still occurs.

If I log into their webaccess and open their calendar it shows me their appointments no problem. If I click on an entry however, I get a "Compose Message" box with a subject line and a blank area to type in and a "post" button. This box should contain the notes for the appointment but contains nothing.

If I open it up and type in a subject and add notes and click "post" and then reopen the appointment it is blank again.

It seems that no matter how the entry is composed it always reverts to being a posted message. I made a new posted appointment and when I double click on it I get the posted MESSAGE dialog.

This happens in both IE8 and Firefox 3.5 and I've tested it on XP running IE7 and that did not resolve the problems either.

Does anyone have any idea what may be going on here? I cannot replicate this behavior on any other account and this is a VIP who really wants their account "fixed".

Thanks in advance,