I have just re-installed ZCM 10.2 on a server running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2. (ZCC reports its version as "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (full installation) x64 6.0 2 6002.") I have also registered a single Windows XP test workstation.

I have some general questions about System Updates:

(1) After the install, ZCC reports the version of ZENworks Configuration Management as ""

When I checked for System Updates, the following updates were listed:

JAN 2010 PRU - Available
Update for ZCM (10.2.2) - Available
Support Pack 2 for ZCM (10.2) - Baselined
Update for ZCM (10.1.3) - Baselined
Update for ZCM (10.1.2a) - Baselined
Update for ZCM (10.1.1) - Baselined

First question: Since the last four entries are Baselined, why do they appear in the system update list? If I understand baselining correctly, a baselined update has been deployed to all registered devices. Since 10.2 is installed on the server, it seems redundant for those updates to be listed.

(2) I attempted to deploy "Update for ZCM (10.2.2)." The following message appeared: "The Update for ZCM (10.2.2) update requires the following update(s) to be applied before it can be deployed: Support Pack 2 for ZCM (10.2)."

Second question: Isn't 10.2 already running on the server?

Here are the various versions of ZENworks components currently on the server:

ZENworks Configuration Management Version:
ZENworks Asset Management Version:
ZENworks Patch Management Version:
ZENworks Agent Version:

I'm going to download and deploy "Support Pack 2 for ZCM (10.2)," but this seems a bit strange since it appears to have been done already.

As usual, much thanks.