Hello, we are trying BM filtering on a BM 3.5 server. We have the GWIA running on the server, no internal DNS server is running on the network at all.When we setup the filters for the GW mail system we followed a number of TID's that have mail coming into our SMTP mail server no problems. However when we try to send mail out through the GWIA with filters turned on we are getting,(Response 450 Host (down)Unreachable (vulcraft.com), and for all the dns names) on the GWIA screen and the mail never goes outbound.We followed the TID #2930888 configuring DNS/MX Record Lookup's. However we have tried a number of combinations and none have seemed to work. When we ping the dns names from the server we are getting IP address responses(we are currently blocking ping responses but it does translate the numbers from the DNS names, so I assume the server can handle DNS properly) just the GWIA can't resolve the DNS names. What do the filters have to be set to, and does the filters have to be UDP, and TCP both? Thank you