The known error at reboot that came from the faulty 10.2.1 ZISWIN have been a problem in my installation, and I have patched workstations using the provided fix ziswin.exe from Sept 1st.
However in conjunction with fixing duplicate GUID id's from not properly created images I have a new problem.
The zac fsg -d and clearing the GUID info in ZISWIN prompt ziswin to generate a new ID at boot - And this works however after second reboot the boot error generated by ZISWIN is back and I am running 10.2.2 where this is issue should be resolved.

If I manually clear ISD in linux with zisedit -rc and and boot there is no error, but as soon the ISD is populated with data I get the error at boot.
Of cours if I disable ZISWIN or clear all the fields in the Collection Mask there is no error. But as soon as I enable 1 data field to be collected I get the error at second reboot (not first reboot)

As I have quite a few Pc's taht need to get a new GUID, I need to be sure that I dont get the boot error when I fix this - and from my current field test it looks like I just get a new problem !

One more starnge thing is in the History inside ZISWIN there are many entries where it says the account doing restore or collect does not have proper permissions - could this be the root of the problem ?

And why ? since it is the system account doing the work at bootup....!

Any help appreciated