I have a client that has been having a lot of problems with both SPAM, and
some idiot trying (and failing) to relay using their GFW 5.5.4 server. Huge
volumes of information to process, and it seems to be slowing down the
server. Also, it's created over 150,000 .BAD messages in the GWPROB folder
(but that problem's been posted elsewhere).

Their ISP has an elaborate, multi-stage SPAM filter. I have been trying to
create packet filter exceptions that would only allow incoming mail from the
ISP's mail server, and nowhere else. However, I can't seem to get them to
work. Testing has been difficult, as there is a considerable delay when
sending them email, especially on Monday morning when SPAM traffic through
the ISP is especially high.

I have Craig Johnson's books, and they have helped immensely as I plod
through this process. However, I need to troubleshoot this a bit more. Can
someone suggest a set of switches for either the TCP IP DEBUG or the FILTER
DEBUG tool, to help me zero in on what's really happening? Maybe there's a
document that someone knows of that explains the use and interpretation of
these tools in more detail thatn Craig's filt65 book?


Rob Pelletier