I have two networks with different ip address but the same subnetmask.

for example
the first network is 10.1.x.x
the second network is 10.8.y.y

Into first network there is a server netware 6.5 sp6 with CIFS enable. This server have two NIC , because the second NIC is connect
to the second network by a switch where is the server microsoft.

Into second network the workstations are connect to the server microsoft as member of a domain.

now my questions is:
from the second network ( 10.8.y.y) with a pc that is under domain , how can I see the server novell from this network? THe user name connect on the pc, is not the same.

the command that I use is this:

net use h: \\server_w\sys password /user:\usermoni

where "usermoni" is the user that exit only on eDir.

another question is:
into my server netware the name of the server CIFS if is equal to the name of the server, what will happen?
That are the errors that can I have?

thanks for all and excuse me for my poor english...