In our environment we have manually installed printer drivers for users, or used Zen to push a driver.

In the distant past (before me) they used Novell print queues and had lots of issues, deleting print jobs for users, users deleting other users jobs, etc. So politically its going to be tough to sell using print queues again. Can I implement iPrint without Queue's?

Can iPrint handle all printer drivers that windows PC's need? For example, we have a bunch of digital copier/scanner/printer/faxes, from just about every vendor (Minolta, Xerox, Konica, Sharp, Cannon, Ricoh, etc. Can we do driver customization (adjust the settings that the driver is delivered with to turn on duplex, staplers, PCL or Post Script) etc?

I've delt with iPrint in the past, but only as part of a NetWare NDPS system, so I'm just not sure how strong the product is now and how folks feel the support is.