Hi all.

I'm configuring a set of policies for Windows XP clients with ZCM 10.2.2. I've created different policies for Internet Explorer: to set the home page, to define a proxy URL and to allow pop-ups. The three of them are defined to be applied to the user configuration, not the machine. If I try them separately, the do work fine.

I have then created a policy group so that I can apply several of them at the same time. When I include the three policies at the same time, only one is applied. Looking at the Adaptive Agent windows, I see the three of them are successfully applied. Looking the application event log and zmd-messages.log there's no error. If I add some other policies applying the machine configuration, they also work.

If I create a policy that sets the three parameters at the same time, it does work fine, but I'd like to define the policies as fine grained as posible and then sum-up them with policy groups.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.