Good morning I am getting ready to perform a NW 6.5 Migration to NW 6.5 Migration, basically from what I understand is that we are moving a Physical system to a Virtual system. I performed the Migration in my testing environment but I did have a couple of questions

1.) When I am moving the Data from the Volume (VOL1) on the Source server to the new server (Target)(I do have the volume named with the same name on the Target server do I need to just drag and drop those directories into the Target server or will it do that automatically? I have done this procedure on NW to OES2 migrations but I have not done a NW to NW migration, sorry for the questions.

2.) At the point when your able to edit the Autoexec.Ncf is the only thing that has to be adjusted is the IP address?

3.) Because the server is a Pre-Migration I did not see the iManager, NRM, are those things that I need to add in addition to the Pre-Migration?

4.) Also I am going to be needing to put Backup Exec would it be better to just re-install instead of trying to move the system?

Thank you