I am having an issue with my group policies not applying my Control Panel settings. I can enable or disable the control panel and that works. My problem is I need to show only specified applets.

I enter the appropriate .cpl file names in the policy. I then checked to make sure that the local pc I am using to edit the policies on is only showing the applets I specified (the desk.cpl and powercfg.cpl applets do show). I then closed and uploaded the policy to ZCM. When I log in to the test workstation I get the control panel icon and can open it but there are no applets. Reading through the forums I saw someone had a similar problem and that they were not checking the user settings box. I confirmed that mine is checked.

I have tried unchecking the user settings box, clicking apply, exiting the policy, opening the policy again and checking the user settings box to make sure it was being applied. I am assuming that it is since I can completely disable or enable the control panel. I have tried associating the policy with the user and also the workstation. I am not sure what else to try.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Robertson