Hi Everyone,

We're having some issues with internally hosted sites and apps loading slowly while on the internal network. We host a Moodle site, a Joomla site, an Exchange 2007 mail server (sorry, no more GW), and a Senior Systems server. All of these, except for the Joomla site, have an SSL cert from either GoDaddy or Verasign. If you're outside of our network the sites load just fine.

We're running a Netware 6.5 SP2 box with BM 3.8 on it and use the proxy. We use both IE 8 and Firefox (from 3.0 to 3.6) with either manual proxy settings with exemptions for the above sites, or a PAC file with the same exemptions. I don't believe the PAC file is the issue as the slowness still happens when configuring the proxy manually within the browsers. When a user tries to go to one of the above sites while on our network, the pages won't load for around 5-10 seconds. The browser will say it's connected to the site, but it just sits - and then the page will just pop into place. The Senior Systems server is particularly bad, as at times only the background color loads and a few minutes later the login box will load.

We have our DNS and DHCP servers running on Windows Server 2003 boxes.

Thanks in advance,
-CR Hiestand