After applying SP8 on our iPrint server and iPrint for Win 7 TID 5061460 I have reencountered the

"The printer driver is unknown" -2147023099

error. It is happening only on some printers and appears to be related to how we upload the printer driver for Win 7 into the broker.

In one particular case for a Color Laserjet 2605 I did as HP suggests and used the "Windows Update" feature to load more drivers:

Go into "Devices and Printers"

Click "Add a Printer"

Click "Add a local printer"

Use existing port "LPT1" - doesn't matter - Next

Click Windows Update

Install the "HP Colour Laserjet 2605/2605dn/2605dtn PS"

Finish installing the driver...

Once I did this an uploaded the driver to the broker we found that we got the "The printer driver is unknown" -2147023099 error on Windows 7 machines unless they had also used "Windows Update" to install a non-standard Win 7 print driver. Once a Win 7 machine has gone through the Windows Update process for additional drivers (and it doesn't matter if it is a different driver than the one iPrint loads) - then they can load the iPrint driver without any problem.

It appears that when iPrint uploads a driver to the broker there is some dependancy on the drivers available to Win 7 and that the same list must be available on other Win 7 machines for them to succesfully install the iPrint driver.

Wes Cole, Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC, Canada