Hi guys,

I'm very new to ESM, and just trialing it. I am having trouble synchronising it with Active Directory. I am using 2 OU's as user sources the small one works fine, but the second with many more objects errors. In the "Directory Service Synchronization" screen if I hit the start button the status for that OU changes to "in progress" and then changes to "Error".

If I open up the error I get "Failed to Synchronize OU=HeadOffice,DC=OurDomain,DC=co,DC=uk. The size limit was exceeded"

I think it may be because this particular OU has over 6500 objects in it (we use eDirectory as our main directory, so the structure of our AD is not optimal) We are looking to move away from eDirectory later in the year, so I wanted to test ESM against AD.

Is there anyway I can increase the size limit, if that is the problem, because I can't reorganise AD at the moment (its a project for later in the year).

Oh and I have tried making this OU the only one ESM uses (as its got the bulk of our users in it) but it still errors.