I'm having a problem where I install the agent on a test device and it's object appears in the console as expected, COMPUTER001. I then go over to another test computer next to it and refresh it's agent from the the device, COMPUTER002. The COMPUTER001 in the console is changes and is listed as COMPUTER002. I've tried registering, unregistering, reinstalling, deleting devices, everything I can possibly think of. To be blunt I've had lots of problems with registering devices. This problem occurs on hundreds of our computers. The problems do seem to be 90% associated with a particular model of Dell computer (opti760) we have just be rolling out. When you look at the properties of many of our devices either in the console or on the workstation much is screwy. The primary user is wrong. IP's are swapping and changing as refreshes occur.

  • We were 10.1.3 and are in the process of, trying, to upgrad to 10.2.
  • I do have "automatic renaming" enabled in the configuration..
  • We are not using registration rules or anything just the hostname.
  • Our deployers use ghost for imaging but to my surprise not sysprep. Do to problems we removed the agent from the image and started installing it instead during the computer install at the user's desk.